Monday, July 11, 2011

POLLINATION-Beyond the Garden

Pollination-Beyond The Garden is a fusion of art and science.  The act of pollination, which is vital to our survival, can have so many interpretations. Each artist will define pollination with his or her unique vision, be it emotional, spiritual, metaphorical, scientific, or maybe poetic. To further understand the importance and environmental impact bees and pollination have on the earth and its inhabitants, there will be a screening of "Sister Bee" a documentary by Laura Tyler, as well as a talk by Tony Lulek of the Norfolk County Beekeepers Association. I am honored and privileged to have these passionate artists and speakers be part of this event. This exhibition is generously funded by a grant from the Lowell Cultural Council, a part of the Massachusetts Cultural Council. Following are the media ads and press release. A catalogue of the exhibition will be available in the late fall for purchase.

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  1. I am very excited to see all this work together. What a great concept! I hope we are all worthy of it.